House Concerts

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 8

Have you ever experienced a house concert?  It is such a special way to share music with around thirty of your closest friends.  We wanted to share with you some observations from a few folks that have enjoyed this experience… Read more


Oh the Glamour!

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 7

The Things That We Do!
Gordy and I coined a phrase driving home from our first long distance gig. It’s a phrase uttered anytime we are doing anything other than writing and performing. For instance: driving home from Alliance, Nebraska, after the gig — just a short 4-hour hop across the bunny trail. Or setting up lights and sound, chasing business on the phone for banquet shows, writing contracts, getting the check, developing marketing materials, keeping up with social media and our website, and drivin’, drivin’, drivin’, did I mention driving?

Folks, who aren’t in this crazy business, and it is a business, assume that 45 minutes on stage is all that we do. So here’s what we came up with. Read more


Antler Hunt

The Sonic Frontier Blog

Time to Blow Off Some Steam
Gordy and I practiced long hours last week. We also had a great photo shoot, (‘probably going to get something in the blog about that very soon) and entertained at the Hickory House. On the weekend we performed at the Journey Museum, Saturday and the Lead Opera House Sunday. Frankly, we needed to blow off some steam. Read more


Laughter Is the Best Medicine


I’ve been making people laugh my whole life. Laughing at me, laughing with me, I don’t care. (See photos) Why am I laughing in these pictures? What am I laughing at? What’s so funny?

My performance motto is: Make’m laugh, make’m cry and make’m laugh so hard they cry. I’ve always felt if you can get people to laugh and then bring a tear to their eye… then you can make’m laugh so hard they cry. That’s the kinda laughter that heals our digitally distracted, audio impacted, visually high jacked souls. A fella who called himself a “son of a son of a farmer” said about my show: Funny, relevant and even a bit sentimental. It did wonders for a stressed out soul.” That’s about as good as it gets.

Read more