House Concerts

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 8

Have you ever experienced a house concert?  It is such a special way to share music with around thirty of your closest friends.  We wanted to share with you some observations from a few folks that have enjoyed this experience… Read more


Antler Hunt

The Sonic Frontier Blog

Time to Blow Off Some Steam
Gordy and I practiced long hours last week. We also had a great photo shoot, (‘probably going to get something in the blog about that very soon) and entertained at the Hickory House. On the weekend we performed at the Journey Museum, Saturday and the Lead Opera House Sunday. Frankly, we needed to blow off some steam. Read more

This is a Banjolele musical instrument

Dalyce Introduces the “Banjolele”

The Sonic Frontier Blog

Gordy and I are always trying new things (musically speaking), or taking something we already do and messing with it… Or making a mess of it more often than not!  It’s amazing how much material we go through that ends up on the cutting room floor.

The newest twist for us is adding another stringed instrument. We’re pluckers.  It’s what we do.  Some people are strummers.  We’re pluckers.  And what plucker could resist the doink doink doink of a ukulele neck stuck onto a banjo body… a banjolele.  Every time we use it we get the giggles.  It truly is a comical little instrument. Read more