This is a Banjolele musical instrument

Dalyce Introduces the “Banjolele”

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 6

Gordy and I are always trying new things (musically speaking), or taking something we already do and messing with it… Or making a mess of it more often than not!  It’s amazing how much material we go through that ends up on the cutting room floor.

The newest twist for us is adding another stringed instrument. We’re pluckers.  It’s what we do.  Some people are strummers.  We’re pluckers.  And what plucker could resist the doink doink doink of a ukulele neck stuck onto a banjo body… a banjolele.  Every time we use it we get the giggles.  It truly is a comical little instrument. Read more


What’s it Like to Work With Gordy?

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 5

What’s it like to work with Gordy?

Well, in a nutshell, he never turns it off.  He is constantly trying something out, and surprisingly, rarely repeats himself!  Either that, or I’m not paying enough attention…  hummnnn…  The only time I hear a repeat is when he’s in a group of people that he doesn’t know.  Then he goes to “the old standards”.  Granted, we’ve been working together for a little less than a year.  I’m sure soon I will have heard most of his repertoire, right?  Read more


New Girl on the Blog…I’m Dalyce!

Howdy everyone!

This is Dalyce, Gordy’s new pardner here!

Ok, so Gordy and I have decided that too many interesting things happen to us and it would be a shame not to share with all of you. But first I want to elaborate why I, not Gordy, am writing the blog…

If any of you know Gordy in the least, you know that he is tech-challenged beyond compare.  He just wants to play music and make people laugh.  

He loses emails, files, and documents, and sends the craziest texts because he never types them and instead uses the microphone.  As Gordy likes to say, “My administrative skills are legendary”. Also he has little patience with setting up sound equipment.  It’s sort of pathetic.   Read more


25 years of Gratitude, I mean Prattitude


2015 marks my 25th Anniversary making a living as an entertainer on the lone prai-ree where the coyotes howl, etc. I’ve been very lucky. People ask me what I do, I tell ’em I drive. So far, I’ve logged 783,4523 miles; 4,037 shows; 8,045 jokes that no one laughed at (and, luckily; 24,000 they did); a gazillion notes plucked; 2 bazillion hours of humbling practice; and more songs sung than you can shake a sticky note at.

Why do you do it? For the money, of course. But I also love performing.

What’s the secret to your success? I never gave up my day job. Really most of what I do is the business of the entertainment business. If I didn’t do that I couldn’t do the fun stuff.

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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Hey Gordy, are you going to do The Twelve Days of Christmas thing, you know that thing you do with all the stuff? That’s funny! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard that. The routine was gifted to me by Ken Sonkin from San Fransisco. He created it while he was still in high school—he got the idea from an old Danny Kaye routine.

I hired him to direct the last show I did in Deadwood (1999) and he brought the routine with him from California. He asked me if I’d like to do it. Well, of course I wanted to do it! I’ll try (almost) anything once. And as an entertainer it’s the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten! It keeps on giving.

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Rotary Reenactment

When Linda Peterson, former owner of Grelind Printing, asked me to perform for theDistrict Rotary Conference in October I was very flattered. She’s the current president of the District and someone I’ve known for forever (we were both embarrassed trying to figure out just how long that was). She was the face of grace for her printing company.

She had a couple special things she wanted me to do as a part of the show. One was to sing Light My Fire for a bit as she had worked out for their new theme: Light Up Rotary. Worked like a champ. Everybody knew the words. Well, at least the “Come On Baby” part. This gave me an idea for a reenactment from my time in Rotary.

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