House Concerts

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 8

Have you ever experienced a house concert?  It is such a special way to share music with around thirty of your closest friends.  We wanted to share with you some observations from a few folks that have enjoyed this experience…

“The first house concert I attended I also performed in.  Wow, at first it was a little intimidating.  The audience was less than 3 feet from us.  Then I realized everyone WANTED to be there and listened with intent!  As a performer, having audiences like that are a beautiful and rare experience.  It was such an intimate, incredible vibe.   House concerts are my favorite performances and I always look forward to the next one.”
-Dalyce Sellers

‘The first time we learned to appreciate music was in someone’s living room.  No microphones, no amplification, no lights… just the performers as God intended.   There’s no separation between you and the musician.  There’s always lots of laughter and great music at a house concert.”
-Gordy Pratt

“I have been to several house concerts and find them to be a very good way to get to hear some outstanding talent in an intimate setting without all the extra production.”
-Gayle Ryan

“I’ve been privileged to bring friends to several of Gordy’s house concerts and I’m deeply disappointed if a conflicting responsibility causes me to miss one! It is a cool variety of social activity, including some amazing musical talent.”
-Rhonda Stearns.

“It’s a great way to experience an up close performance,”  “It’s casual and you get to hang out with everybody.”
-Mike Sellers

If you think you would like to host a house concert please contact us…  You don’t even need chairs, we will bring them!

Photo: House concert in Oklahoma from FOLK documentary.


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