Oh the Glamour!

The Sonic Frontier Blog – Episode 7

The Things That We Do!
Gordy and I coined a phrase driving home from our first long distance gig. It’s a phrase uttered anytime we are doing anything other than writing and performing. For instance: driving home from Alliance, Nebraska, after the gig — just a short 4-hour hop across the bunny trail. Or setting up lights and sound, chasing business on the phone for banquet shows, writing contracts, getting the check, developing marketing materials, keeping up with social media and our website, and drivin’, drivin’, drivin’, did I mention driving?

Folks, who aren’t in this crazy business, and it is a business, assume that 45 minutes on stage is all that we do. So here’s what we came up with.

“Oh, the Glamour!”

We had a ball doing a photo shoot with our marketing team, Richard our photographer, Kim & Lucy designing graphics, and Bryan handling our videos and social media. We are so grateful to our team and couldn’t do this without them! Check out the video below!

We met with area hotels to see if they would partner with Gordy & I and the High Plains Western Heritage Center to sell tickets for our July Cowboy Supper & Cowboy Show in a Cowboy Museum. Instead of ‘giving us the boot,’ they inspired us to ‘create a boot‘ to help promote the show! They loved the idea! In fact they agreed to create lodging packages with a room and our supper show included.

Gordy and I in the recording studio at The Music Room in Spearfish.

We recorded our show, “The Spirit of the American Cowboy” at The Music Room in Spearfish and go back to the studio to mix the CD this week. Hopefully we’ll have the CDs when we fire up with bus tours starting in May. If you are interested in buying one, contact us at Gordypratt@rushmore.com.

We’re shooting some “shorts” this week with Bryan, too. No… we’re not firing guns at articles of clothing. We are filming short videos for marketing materials.

Let’s not forget individual practicing, (I’m taking guitar lessons) and rehearsals… Sigh.

Take our word for it! The Chuckwagon Supper is yummy!

This is all in preparation for the Spirit of the American Cowboy show we will perform in July. It will be every Tuesday and Thursday beginning the 10th with the final performance August 2. We invite all of you to come and see this special show and bring friends/relatives that may be visiting. We will have an incredible Dutch oven cowboy supper in the most wonderful venue in Spearfish, The High Plains Western Heritage Center. If you haven’t been, you don’t know what you are missing! We promise you that it will be a special event!



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