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Time to Blow Off Some Steam
Gordy and I practiced long hours last week. We also had a great photo shoot, (‘probably going to get something in the blog about that very soon) and entertained at the Hickory House. On the weekend we performed at the Journey Museum, Saturday and the Lead Opera House Sunday. Frankly, we needed to blow off some steam.

So We Went “Hunting”
My husband, Michael decided it was a good time to go out on an antler hunt. So we loaded Gordy in the box of the John Deere 4-wheeler and off we went. It should be noted that poor Michael had no idea what he was in for. I’m sure it probably was like herding cats… He tried his best to patiently instruct us on “Antler Hunting 101”. You know, things like “look for deer poop, check under low hanging branches where they snag their antlers”, and “follow the deer trail”. Oh yeah, and then he said to stay 25 feet apart, or something like that.

Squirrel! … Squirrel!
I remember at one point Gordy said, “Oh that’s right, we’re ‘spozed to be looking for antlers”.  I must admit I was distracted quite often, too. I was so excited to see little blades of green peeking out of the ground. Gordy saw a grasshopper. We were both looking at all of the different colored lichen on the exposed face of rocks. There was a glimmer of impending spring. Meanwhile, Michael pursued.

Michael kept his focus and found the “elusive” shed!

The One That Almost Got Away
I’m not sure how far we walked… maybe a mile. Throughout the search, I was the victor… I found a bungee cord that had one end chewed off by a mouse. As we headed up the hill back towards the 4-wheeler Michael exclaimed, “ANTLER!!!” Sure enough, there it was in plain sight right along a deer trail we were following. Gordy and I would have walked right by it.

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