What’s it Like to Work With Gordy?

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What’s it like to work with Gordy?

Well, in a nutshell, he never turns it off.  He is constantly trying something out, and surprisingly, rarely repeats himself!  Either that, or I’m not paying enough attention…  hummnnn…  The only time I hear a repeat is when he’s in a group of people that he doesn’t know.  Then he goes to “the old standards”.  Granted, we’ve been working together for a little less than a year.  I’m sure soon I will have heard most of his repertoire, right? 


The Creative Process

Today we had our noses to the grindstone trying to add new material to our “That Voodoo That Two Do So Well” show.  This is when we really brainstorm.  We have an expression we use when we suddenly become distracted and go down the rabbit hole… “Squirrel”!  If you have seen the movie “Up” you already know the rest of the story.  Basically, in the movie when a dog sees a squirrel all energy is suddenly shifted directly onto the squirrel and former activities cease.  Some days we get so lost we have to take a break and then start over.  Those are “10 or 12 squirrel” days.  Today was productive; I’d give it only 4 squirrels.


UFDAH!! Olga and Sven

We are developing two new characters, Olga and Sven.  So far we have them singing their mantra/hymn in church… “I’m Bored Again”.   (This is a hilarious song that was written by Gordy’s friend Kevin Clark, a Jewish/Lutheran minister.) –Don’t ask me, that’s what Gordy said-.  We will debut  “I’m Bored Again” at the Stampmill in Lead, SD, 6:00 pm January 22

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