New Girl on the Blog…I’m Dalyce!

Howdy everyone!

This is Dalyce, Gordy’s new pardner here!

Ok, so Gordy and I have decided that too many interesting things happen to us and it would be a shame not to share with all of you. But first I want to elaborate why I, not Gordy, am writing the blog…

If any of you know Gordy in the least, you know that he is tech-challenged beyond compare.  He just wants to play music and make people laugh.  

He loses emails, files, and documents, and sends the craziest texts because he never types them and instead uses the microphone.  As Gordy likes to say, “My administrative skills are legendary”. Also he has little patience with setting up sound equipment.  It’s sort of pathetic.  

Don’t get me wrong.  Gordy does a lot of behind the scenes-type work.  I have a great respect for all of the work he does to get us bookings.  He’s tireless.  He has business contacts out the wazoo.  He’s a world class musician and a darned funny dude, and I am very humbled (and a little miffed) that he chose me to be his partner. However the computer is not his friend.

Hence, we have decided that it would be best for me to blog.  (If you haven’t noticed, his last blog was 2015.  ‘Nuff said.)

So bear with me as I try to share some really interesting things that happen in this partnership!  We really hope you enjoy reading this and we look forward to seeing you along the way!  


Dalyce Sellers


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