The Twelve Days of Christmas

Hey Gordy, are you going to do The Twelve Days of Christmas thing, you know that thing you do with all the stuff? That’s funny! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard that. The routine was gifted to me by Ken Sonkin from San Fransisco. He created it while he was still in high school—he got the idea from an old Danny Kaye routine.

I hired him to direct the last show I did in Deadwood (1999) and he brought the routine with him from California. He asked me if I’d like to do it. Well, of course I wanted to do it! I’ll try (almost) anything once. And as an entertainer it’s the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten! It keeps on giving.

There are a lot of moving parts in the 12 Days routine, 25 to be exact: A prop and a musical instrument for each Day and a prop table to put it on (5 items have to be clamped on). As the Days go by (check out the video attached), it gets wilder and wilder until I finally hit the last note and…well, you’ll have to come to the Homestake Opera House in Lead next Tuesday to find out. (Or the Best Western in Sheridan next Friday. They’re doing a dinner show that’s open to the public and anytime’s a good time to spend a weekend in the Big Horns.)

Click here for the video: The Twelve Days of Christmas The Twelve Days of Christmas by Gordy Pratt – The “original” Fabulous One Guy.

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