Hi, Gordy Pratt here.

What do the Montana Stock Growers, the National Guard Officers Conference and the Nebraska Nurses Association all have in common? They loved my show. They laughed, they cried, they laughed so hard they cried.

I’ve performed from coast to coast, from the Alligator Pit at Reptile Gardens to the opening of the state legislature. And I could not tell the difference! I love to make people laugh and I have at conferences, awards ceremonies, employee parties, fundraisers.  When they’re not laughing they’re saying: I have never heard anyone play the guitar like that before. Maybe they don’t get out much. I bring laughter to music and music to laughter. And it’s all good clean fun.

I’m celebrating 25 years in the entertainment business because folks like you hired me to entertain your group and they thanked you for hiring me. That’s my job: to make you look good.

I do four different shows, all good clean fun: a Stand Up Musical Comedy , a living history show, SETH BULLOCK, the Spirit of the West, a concert show and a Christmas Show. They all feature my special brand of stand up musical humor and fancy pickin.

There’s always an appearance by my chewed up old cowboy friend Orville T. Saddlesore: Orville T Saddlesore here with some words of Western wisdom: Marry a woman with brains enough fer two and you’ll come out even.

I look forward to talking to you about your event. Please feel free to call: 605-360- 4415. I’ve produced hundreds of events and I’d like to help you with yours.