Dalyce Introduces the “Banjolele”

This is a Banjolele musical instrument

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Gordy and I are always trying new things (musically speaking), or taking something we already do and messing with it… Or making a mess of it more often than not!  It’s amazing how much material we go through that ends up on the cutting room floor.

The newest twist for us is adding another stringed instrument. We’re pluckers.  It’s what we do.  Some people are strummers.  We’re pluckers.  And what plucker could resist the doink doink doink of a ukulele neck stuck onto a banjo body… a banjolele.  Every time we use it we get the giggles.  It truly is a comical little instrument.

I received my banjolele last year as a Christmas present from my hubby.  It is a combination of a baritone ukulele and the body/drum of a banjo. For its little size it really puts out quite a “noise”. If you look closely, it has a very stylish faux fur strap and string for wearing during “formal” occasions. Gordy and I are pure NCAA- “No Class At All!” 😉

My first instrument was a baritone ukulele given to me by my parents when I was 6 years old.  So I figured, what the heck… it can’t be that hard to play!  I’ve been attempting to play it now for a couple weeks and it’s weird.   Thank goodness Gordy is giving me some technique advice, as he has plucked the banjo, the lute, and a bunch of bizarre medieval stringed instruments. (What a plucker.)

We are debuting this silly instrument at our next appearance at the Journey Museum in Rapid City, April 14, 2018.  I will attempt playing banjolele on our new tune, “Atheists Have No Songs”, written by Steve Martin and Olga will also play banjolele on “Bored Again”.

There are more jokes about the banjo than any other instrument, except the accordion.  Have you heard the one about the banjo/accordion duo who did so well on a New Year’s gig that the owner asked them to come back next year?  The duo replied, “Can we leave our instruments here?”

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